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Below are 40 Facts on Air Pollution

Fact 1: An average American breathe 2 gallons of air per minute which means around 3400 gallons of air each day.

Fact 2: Inhaling air pollution takes away at least 1-2 years of a typical human life.

Fact 3: It has effects as small as burning eyes and itchy throat to as large as breathing problems and death.

Fact 4: Pollutants that are released into the air, as opposed to land and water pollutants, are the most harmful.

Fact 5: Rising levels of air pollution in Beijing has brought a new disease – Beijing cough.

Fact 6: Air pollution is not a recent occurrence. In 1952, the Great Smog of London killed 8000 people.

Fact 7: Deaths caused by air pollution cost the European Union €161 billion.

Fact 8: Electric vehicles produce less air pollutants. They stir up dirt but without producing gases.

Fact 9: Producing heavy crude oil increases chances of air pollution by 40% than producing light crude oil.

Fact 10: According to the Lancet journal, air pollution caused by waiting in traffic increases the chances of death caused due to heart attack.

Fact 11: Toxic air pollution poses a greater threat to children, due to their smaller physical size and lung capacity.

Fact 12: Air pollution and resulting deaths are increasing fastest in Asia.

Fact 13: Air pollution that causes smog affects dolphins and makes them suffer from black lung diseases.

Fact 14: 70% of the air pollution caused in Chinese cities is due to tailpipes.

Fact 15: 5,000 premature deaths in Southern California are caused due to pollution from diesel trucks.

Fact 16: Travels at Grand Canyon are unable to see the other side due to air pollution, is 1000 miles away.

Fact 17: The most hazardous pollutants are released from the air and less from the water and land together.

Fact 18: The best ways to reduce air pollution are by walking and riding bicycle.

Fact 19: A single bus caries passengers which are likely to drive 40 cars.

Fact 20: 28% of the Americans believe they are most affected by air pollution caused by vehicles.

Fact 21: Air pollution in China can travel up to Central Valley of California.

Fact 22: Outdoor air pollution outdoor, ranks in the top ten killers on earth.

Fact 23: 65% of the deaths in Asia and 25% deaths in India are due to air pollution.

Fact 24: 2 million cars in Manila, Philippines cause 80% of air pollution.

Fact 25: Air pollution in India is estimated to cause 527, 700 deaths every year.

Fact 26: The number of people who die in America every year due to air pollution is above 50,000.

Fact 27: 80% of lung diseases are caused due to pollution from other cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles.

Fact 28: It is estimated that 750,000 people die in china prematurely due to air pollution.

Fact 29: Research by MIT proves that around 13,000 British citizens die due to air pollution from vehicles an power plants.

Fact 30: Air pollution in California kills 25,000 people per year and costs $200 million worth of medical expenses.

Fact 31: 300,000 in China die every year due heart disease and lung cancer cause by air pollution.

Fact 32: People in many cities wear masks continually to save themselves from air pollution.

Fact 33: Heavy crude oil increases air pollution 40% more than light crude oil.

Fact 34: Air pollution caused in traffic increase the chances of heart attack.

Fact 35: By 2050, 6 million people will die per year due to air pollution.

Fact 36: During heavy traffic jam, pollutants outside can seep into your car, making the air inside you car 10 times more polluted than typical city air.

Fact 37: According to the California Department of Education, Asthma is a leading cause of school absenteeism.

Fact 38: Indoor air pollution is 2-5 times worse than the air outdoors.

Fact 39: People who live near high traffic roads face greater risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma and bronchitis as these places contain more concentrated levels of air pollution.

Fact 40: Switching to more efficient and cleaner fuels from solid fuels(wood, biomass) can help you to reduce indoor air pollution.

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