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About the Founder

I started Airveil and the mask collections in 2014 after solo travels throughout China and India during which I experienced historic levels of air pollution. I scoured the shopping malls of Shanghai looking for what the cool, hip kids were wearing to protect their health. I found paper and cotton masks. It had been a while since high school science classes, but I was certain those weren't going to protect my respiratory system from the carcinogens and ultra-fine dirt in the air. I was willing to drop some money on a cool, quality product, but came up with nothing.

Upon my return to the States, a keen eye for design, work experience in marketing, and a curiosity for science led me to develop Airveil along with sister mask brands, Happyface and Breathe by J. Malo. Educated at the University of Michigan, Oxford University, and the London School of Economics, I have a passion for entrepreneurship and startups. My mission is to provide a way for one to express individualism, to stand out in the mask-wearing crowd, to possess a fun, playful product with the aim of protecting one’s health. 

The Happyface Manifesto:
2023- It's time to redefine mask-wearing. 
Time to take a stand against the typical and boring, the paper and the plain. 
Time to throw down and jazz things up. 
It's time to get loud and get serious about having fun.
It's time to double up on style and double down on effective protection.
Time to amp up the attitude and show the world how we really feel.
It's time to wear a mask that stands out from the crowd.
It's time to start a happiness revolution led by mask-wearers showing their heart.
Time to get bigger, bolder, brighter, and weirder. 
It's time to wear something fresh and fun for everyone who wants something different.

Make Bold Moves. Try something new, be you, the best you. The you that makes you proud.



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