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92 per cent of the global population lives in places with unhealthy air quality. Air pollution comes from many sources: inefficient transport, coal-fired power plants, industrial activity, waste burning, and other human activities are major sources, but natural events such as dust storms and wildfires also play a role.

Millions of people live in very heavily polluted cities. Common face masks are ineffective at protecting oneself from harmful, carcinogenic microparticles in the air which lead to lung disease, heart attacks, strokes, birth defects, and more. Masks exist in the marketplace, however most fit poorly and filter inadequately. Those that are lab certified are utilitarian and unattractive.

With our products, one may express individualism, stand out in the mask-wearing crowd, and possess a trendy product as well as protect one’s health. The aim of these masks is to engineer not just a solution to a problem, but also a positive experience to a negative circumstance.


We've spent years researching, testing, and implementing the world's best materials and technology to create a respiratory filter that uses nanotechnology to filter out the most micro-particles, and pollutants. Made in the USA.
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