A Few Fun Facts About Your Smile :)

A Few Fun Facts About Your Smile :)

We've all suffered some through some tough times as of late. We all know smiling boosts one's mood. Here's a few facts you may not know about that mouthful of chompers: 

1. Our human smiles consist of two rows of about 32 mineral-coated nerve fibers, embedded in pink tissue, coated with threads of saliva. 

2. Teeth are made up mostly of hydroxyapatite, a relatively weak mineral composite. It is also found in bones and in small amounts in the brain.

3. Depending on one's cultural traditions, baby teeth can be buried, thrown, or exchanged for money (i.e. the Tooth Fairy).

4. The first documentation of exchanging teeth for monetary value is in early writings by the 10th Century Norse people. 

5. The Tooth Fairy's first modern appearance was in a playlet written for children in 1927 by Esther Watkins Arnold. It was an obscure concept until the Disney characters became household names in the 1940s. 

6. Babies are born with the ability to smile and it is their first facial expression. 

7. Smiling is intercultural. It's causes and effects are neurological.

8. Smiling more aids you in living longer. It is fact that emotional health translates to physical health. Smiling actually boosts your immune system and can help you live 7 years longer on average!

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