How Shellfish Keep Your Face Mask Effective and Comfortable

How Shellfish Keep Your Face Mask Effective and Comfortable

Happyface masks have several unique properties. One such special property of the Happyface fabric is an application called Chitosan.

Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide otherwise known as the most common carbohydrate found in food. It is an all-natural application made from crab and shrimp shells that have an alkaline treatment. The chitosan is used as an application on the surface of the fabric used to make Happyface masks. Versions of this application are used in medicine, winemaking, and agriculture.

Chitosan is naturally non-toxic, biodegradable, and biocompatible. The application used on the Happyface fabrics is EPA certified. This application makes the fabric anti-microbial, which keeps your mask odor-free, bacteria-free, mold-free, and will prevent skin-blemishes.

Those with shellfish allergies do not need to be worried about a reaction. Allergic reactions are to a protein in the animal meat, not in the shell. Chitosante will not induce any allergic reactions.


Chitosan Chemistry


Chitosan Chemistry


Happyface & Airveil are working to keep you and your loved ones healthy. 

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