What's the Deal with those PM2.5 Filters?

What's the Deal with those PM2.5 Filters?

Those 'Made in China' PM2.5 filters are rampant. They're in everyone's Amazon shopping cart. They're being sold with face masks as additional filters. 

News Flash: They're Not Effective.

It's great that people want extra protection in their face masks. I applaud the use of filters for better personal protection. There are a few concerns regarding the very cheap activated carbon filters being sold online.

1. They are not certified by a lab. A Chinese manufacturer used a stamp on this cut material, but there is zero lab certification of these products or the packaging. It's all a sham

2. There is zero regulation of this stuff in China. Who knows what's in this product and what the effect is. No one is regulating. Don't trust it

3. Activated carbon works to filter microparticles. There is not enough activated carbon in these filter products to actually be of any benefit. Again, there's no lab certification or ingredients list on these things. Fraud

4. How often do you change it? Probably not after every use.

5. It says it filters microparticles of 2.5 microns (and larger). A virus is .01 microns. This certainly isn't going to save you from a virus. This isn't even going to save you from any other smaller microparticles either. And those ultrafine microparticles are the most dangerous. Those are the ones that can enter the bloodstream and cause heart disease, cancers, stroke, lung disease, birth defects, etc. 

I wish those filters would be banned from the marketplace. They give people a false sense of security and therefore may put more people at greater risk. 

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and use N95 or HEPA filters like Airveil


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