Hello Happyface! Hello Coronavirus!

Hello Happyface! Hello Coronavirus!

Hello Happyface! We're here to help you be happy and be healthy- so put on a happyface! This brand was developed with the intent to protect wearers from smog and dangerous air pollution, meant for those living in dense urban areas. But as we have launched our e-commerce and are getting the brand out to the public, something else deeply disturbing has risen. Hello Coronavirus! This is not a positive time for humankind, particularly those in China and even more particularly, those in Hubei Province. Infections have rapidly shown up in other countries. So, while the WHO and authorities work out how to curb it, what can you and I do?

First, wash your hands and do it often. It's good practice whether there is a killer virus running amok across the globe or not. I personally never leave home without hand sanitizer. 

Second, wear a mask. I highly recommend Happyface masks + Airveil filters, but put on whatever you can get your hands on. I'll quote the NY Times here:

Many infectious disease specialists say the cheap disposable masks, which cover the nose and mouth, may help prevent the spread of infections if they are worn properly and used consistently.

But there isn’t much high-quality scientific evidence on their effectiveness outside health care settings, experts say. Most of the best studies, which are randomized controlled trials, focused on how well surgical masks protect health care workers in hospitals from picking up infections from sick patients and found that consistent use of them helped.

Dr. Julie Vaishampayan, chairwoman of the public health committee for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, said surgical masks are really “the last line of defense... Because surgical masks aren’t fitted or sealed, they leave gaps around the mouth, “so you’re not filtering all of the air that comes in,” she said.

Dr. Mark Loeb, an infectious disease specialist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, said a study during an outbreak of the SARS coronavirus found that any type of protection — whether a mask or a respirator — reduced the risk of infections in health care workers by about 85 percent.

Let's review: masks work if they fit and filter effectively. Paper masks do not fit close to the face and do not filter microparticles. Cotton may fit close, but again, cotton may only filter out some large droplets, not tiny germs whether viruses or microparticle pollutants. 

Happyface masks are made of a special tech fabric that fits very close to the skin. It comes in 3 sizes for a great fit on most faces. Airveil filters, which easily slide into the mask, are a patented nano-fiber effectively rated as N100. It will filter out 99.97% of microparticles .3 microns and larger. That's pretty amazing for a face mask that is also recycled and washable, filters that are biodegradable, and come in fun designs! 

Now go wash your hands.

Stay safe.

Signing off-

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